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A therapy conducted for the purpose of restoring normal musculoskelatal and nerve function by way of realignment of vertebral and other joints. This realignment is performed by way of the chiropratic manipulation, or "adjustment." For more information click here.


Percutaneous iontophoretic needle stimulation (P.I.N.S.) is a therapy which utilizes the principle of low-grade, sustanied inflammation to stimulate a healing reaction in a specific site in the body. The PINS therapist inserts acupuncture needles into the location of the pain or chronic injury, then applies a special type of direct current along with an iontophoretic substance to the needles. The current consists of a stream of "ions" which combine with the substance and travel along the metallic needle to the target tissue. At the site of the injured tissue the ions draw blood to the area for healing. Many forms of chronic pain, including "arthritis", have been linked to reduced blood flow. Our blood contains inflammatory healing cells and growth cells such as fibroblasts that produce new tissue. For more information click here.


A Therapy conducted for the purpose of restoring normal musculoskeletal and nerve function by way of realignment of spinal and other ligaments, muscles, and "soft tissues". This realignment is performed by way of the napropathic treatment, or "directo". For more information click here.


A practice based on the theory that improved health can be achieved by restoring the normal flow of energy, electro-magnetism, or "chi" within the body. This chi should circulate continuous and balanced manner within the twelve chi vessels, or "meridians" in the human body. The acupuncturist determines any deficiencies or excesses in this flow and attempts conection by placing tiny needles, actually solid metal pins (more like wires) in various acupuncture points. It has been said that these needles act as tiny antennae to stimulate the proper flow of chi. Commonly, very mild intensity electricity is applied to the needles to increase this effiect (electro-acupuncture). For more information click here.


Our office utilizes state-of-the-art therapy equipment to deliver such modalities as traction, ultrasound, electrotherapies in various forms, vibration, kinetic therapies and exercises.


We refer our patients locally for high-resolution digital imaging. Dr. Young has received extensive post-graduate training in x-ray, MRI, CT, and other forms of imaging diagnosis.