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Naprapathic Therapeutics - Kink in the neck

Author: Dan M. Young, D.N., D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

This article was published by the Journal of the North American Naprapathic Association and used by the Chicago National College of Naprapathy as part of the teaching curriculum for the above referenced topic, and is summarized here for brevity.

This “kink” is often the result of multiple cervical spinal joints (facet joints) that are abnormally congruent, compressed, or otherwise squeezed together because of the muscle attachments to these vertebrae being pulled by shortened or contracted muscles on that side of the body.  Thus, the “kink” is inherently unilateral.

IPL (In Plain Language)

The “kink” is due to short muscles on one side that jam together neck joints on that side.

These muscles connect the neck vertebrae to various structures below, including the scapula, the upper ribs, the clavicle (collar bone), and arm (humerus).  This is why the “kink” in the neck will not resolve simply by correcting the spinal compressions/rotations through cervical manipulation.  Without muscle rebalancing the “kink” will come back and persist.


The “kink” will persist unless the cause of shortened muscles is fixed.

A frequently asked question is “How did the kink get there?”

Generally, we can say that it developed from repetitive muscle imbalancing influence rather than by one sudden trauma, although a sudden activity can initiate it once it is ready to occur.  The repetition can be over the course of a few hours, as in a faulty sleep posture, or a few days, as with poor exercise or work mechanics.


The “kink” happens because of prolonged muscle shortening on one side, not suddenly, as it may appear.  Common causes are poor sleep position and poor exercise/work mechanics.

The most important question is “How can I get rid of the kink and keep it gone?” The answer is Naprapathic Postural Retraining (NPR).

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