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PINS Proliferant

It has long been known that hyaluronic acid is needed to build new ligament, tendon, and cartilage, but needs to be delivered in usable form to the body.

Prolotherapy makes use of Proliferants.
What is a Proliferant?

A proliferant is a substance that interacts with human cells in such a way that new cell growth is stimulated. This process is commonly known as Prolotherapy. In PINS (Percutaneous Iontophoretic Needle Stimulation) the proliferant interacts with a specific type of direct current which results in a much deeper tissue penetration of the growth-enhancing substance (iontophoresis).

Why not just rub the proliferant substance into the tissue? Because the vast majority of penetration resistance occurs in the first millimeter of the epidermis. This resistance is overcome by inserting an acupuncture needle. Then direct current is connected to the needle and the proliferant added so that the current "carries" the substance via the needle to the target tissue (covalent bonding or electro-repulsion).

Without the proliferant PINS-Prolotherapy still works because the ions themselves (direct current) are growth stimulating. This has been termed "damage effect". This is unlike traditional Prolotherapy which depends on the proliferant being injected through a syringe. With PINS the proliferant enhances the effect of the ions by either pulling more growth-factor rich blood to the area (chemotaxis) or by supplying additional raw materials for growth, or both.

At Combined Care Center Doctor Young uses a proliferent substance with PINS-Prolotherapy. The constituents of the proliferant aim to provide both increased blood flow to the target tissue and raw growth materials. Our proliferant substance includes hyaluronic acid, a large molecule which is the primary building block of collagen and connective tissue, including cartilage, ligament, disc, and tendon. Our proliferant also includes saline, long used by Prolotherapists because of its' ionic and blood drawing properties. These active substances are carried in a non-toxic, clear gel substrate consisting of glycerin, aloe vera, parabens, carboxymethylcellulose, propylene glycol, and purified water.

As previously stated, PINS, unlike injection Prolotherapy, does not depend on a Proliferant. Therefore, in cases wherein a Proliferant substance is not desired or preferred it can be omitted. Pregnancy might be an example. This discussion should be taken up with the doctor.

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