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What is FHP (Forward Head Posture)?

The reason the FHP creates chronic neck and/or shoulder pain is that this prolonged, abnormal stretching of the spinal ligaments causes them to be semi-permanently elongated. This renders the ligaments less effective in stopping the neck joints from rotating and misaligning. When this ligament over-stretching continues for long enough they may lose their tension to the point where the joints can become less stable than normal and just do not "hold" adjustments. Then these ligaments may require P.I.N.S. Prolotherapy for correction. Dr. Young often performs this ligament-restoring technique with success.

The reason FHP causes chronic headaches is that the top two cervical vertebrae, adjacent to a network of nerves that go to the head, become abnormally approximated to the head. These vertebrae become sort of jammed into the head nerves. This jamming results in reduced blood drainage from the brain and scalp and that spells headaches. Also, this nerve pressure can produce a headache due to the repeated firing of nocioceptive (pain producing) impulses.

Research has demonstrated that an exercise program for strengthening of the deep cervical flexors and shoulder retractors and for stretching of the cervical extensors and head protractors was effective in correcting the posture problem and the pain. Dr. Young received extensive training in this exercise program during his post-chiropractic program of four years that led to his Board Certification in Chiropractic Orthopedics. This program is heavily weighted in joint mechanics and physical therapy.

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