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Kobe Bryant Gets Prolotherapy

Kobe Bryant Recommends Prolotherapy to Arod

After Prolotherapy saved the season and future of Kobe Bryant in 2010 he recently recommended the same therapy to Alex Rodriquez (ARod). Both players suffered from chronic knee joint pain and strain. Kobe's first prolo was for his problem ankle, and after this responded so well he moved on to the knee.

Now let's talk about whether you need the same type of treatment as these Super Stars

The Condition:
Tendons and ligaments connect muscles to bones and bones to bones. Overuse and damage to these structures over a long period causes the collagen fibers that make up these structures to tear and over-stretch. This causes joints to be less stable, to hurt, and to become arthritic (wearing of joint cartilage). Tendons and ligaments naturally have poor blood supply which makes them resist healing.

The FIX:
Bombarding the area of damage with iontophoretic (containing growth factors) direct current through a fine acupuncture needle causes new blood to be drawn to the area (chemotaxis). This blood is responding to the "injury" of this current, making it rich in platelets and growth factors that are an integral part of the normal repair process. This process is concentrated at the point of application of the prolotherapy resulting in accelerated tissue repair and regeneration. When you get a skin scratch the busted cells release tissue factors that call platelets to the area to form a clot and release new tissue growth factors, eventually resulting in new skin tissue. In the same way the irritation of Prolotherapy results in the production of permanent new tissue deep under the skin which can be up to 40% stronger than the original. Ask Dr. Young if you might be a candidate for Prolotherapy.

Why not Cortisone injections?
Studies have demonstrated that cortisone and steroid injections may actually weaken tissue. These shots may reduce inflammation causing a temporary relief, but the doctor can only do them a few times because of the tissue weakening effect.

Special Instructions?

Because Prolotherapy depends on sustained, low-grade inflammation, the patient should restrict the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs throughout the course of treatment. For the minor irritations that may occur ice and Tylenol are recommended. Continued careful exercise during the course of Prolotherapy is recommended and should be guided by the doctor. Aggressive physical activities are discouraged.

How Much Treatment is Needed?
This depends on the area and severity of the condition. Generally, one or two therapies per week for a total of ten treatments is recommended. Remember, Prolotherapy depends on repetition. Consistency during the course of therapy is important to keep the low-grade inflammation going.

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