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10 Supplements and Nutrients for Burning Fat

Let's talk anabolism, or constructive metabolism- to take in simple nutrients and build strong tissue.

Many natural chemicals are known to be anabolic, that is, building lean body mass. These nutrients enhance the building-up and growth processes that are present predominantly during puberty and just after. They are effective for tissue repair. Remember when you were somewhat indestructible and could recover rapidly from trauma?

Because the following list of nutrients is so anabolic they are effective to take during a course of Prolotherapy, when we benefit from growth factors. They are:

1. Vitamin E - Promotes the production of androgens and other natural adrenal steroids.
2. Tribulus Terrestris (puncture vine) - The active compounds in tribulus are known as saponins. These have natural steroidal effects on the body that have shown an increase in testosterone.
3. Fenugreek - A common ingredient in curry, fenugreek is high in phytoestrogens which are plant substances that cause an increase in insulin's ability to produce cellular energy. This herb should not be used by diabetics without professional supervision.
4. Branched chain amino acids - Such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine, these protein building blocks reduce connective tissue and muscle breakdown and add protein to muscle.
5. Green Tea Leaf Extract (camellia sinensis) - contains polyphenols and anti-antioxidants that increase thermogenesis (fat burning).
6. Ginseng (panax ginseng) - This Chinese herb contains steroid-like compounds called ginsenosides. This herb improves circulation.
7. Guarana - This herb native to South America contains up to three times more caffeine than coffee. Because of its' stimulating properties it is reputed to increase fat burning. It is only an advantage for those who do not like coffee, and should be consumed in smaller quantities.
8. Essential Fatty Acids - these molecules convert blood sugar (glucose) to usable energy. They are found in the omega oils including flax and olive oil, both high in alpha lipoic acid.
9. L-carnitine - This amino acid compound is very efficient, also, at converting glucose to usable energy. The difference from the EFAs (#8) is that it is a protein, not a fat.

But wait, that is only nine - That is because you don't take in #10, you manufacture it. Number ten is the increase in anabolic hormones produced by your own body in response to exercise. For this reason it is important to continue with your specific exercise program during a course of Prolotherapy.

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