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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture can work for Weight Loss. It worked for Jennifer Lopez. Why?

The key to success in Acupuncture is INDIVIDUALITY.

In traditional Chinese medicine the acupuncture needle location selection is determined by 12 pulses.

If the patient is to achieve success in acupuncture the Acupuncturist must be capable of taking the pulses and interpreting the pulses. This includes weight loss acupuncture.

Many "standard" needle locations for weight loss are available to the acupuncturist but if just these points are employed the patient WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT in a lasting manner because these points do not provide INDIVIDUALITY of treatment. Only locations based on the pulses can do that.

Jennifer Lopez received INDIVIDUALIZED acupuncture which balanced the electrical system (Chi or Qi) that controls the functioning of the organs throughout the body. Lopez is a 41 year old mother of twins and despite a very busy schedule she lost 15 pounds and continues to keep it off by use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs which not only assist in weight loss but improve quality of sleep and reduce the effects of stress she attests.

If you, as a patient, have ever received acupuncture without the Acupuncturist doing these pulses you have not been given proper diagnosis and therapy. When you choose an Acupuncturist ask whether or not he/she performs diagnostic pulses. Insist on this. Dr. Dan is educated in both Western (American) and Traditional Chinese forms of acupuncture. He performs pulse diagnosis on his acupuncture patients.

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