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Prolotherapy Has Four Areas of Application

What are they?

  • Chronic joint pain due to ligament sprain & hypermobility
  • Chronic joint pain due to cartilage loss ("arthritis"), and disc loss
  • Chronic tendonitis pain due to attachment microtears
  • Chronic localized edema causing pain

  • Notice that Prolotherapy is done for chronic conditions, not acute (3 months old or less).

    Because Prolotherapy works by setting up a low grade inflammation and in acute conditions a high grade inflammation is normally already present, so, no need for more inflammation.

    Why does Prolotherapy work on the above four pathologies?
    Because the thing they all have in common is the need to move blood to provide healing, and Prolotherapy does that.

    Why do we need to move blood for these chronic conditions?
    Because the blood present in the arteries is often reluctant to diffuse to the damaged area. This blood carries normally plenty of inflammatory & fibroblast cells that heal that damaged connective tissue and cause new cell growth, but various factors like tissue pressure and scar formation cause the blood to shy away.

    How does Prolotherapy change this situation?
    The answer is Chemotaxis, the causing of the growth cells to be attracted to the site where the Prolotherapy is applied. P.I.N.S. Prolotherapy bombards the chronic problem area with ions that draw blood, fibroblast-rich blood, to the area. This effect provides the healing in cases #1-3 above.

    How does Prolotherapy work on #4 above?
    Same basic reason - it moves blood. When the ions draw the blood to the area this pushes out the fluid (water accumulated in the tissue) and the debris with it. This removes pressure on nerves and relieves pain for long durations typically. We unplug the dam.

    The bottom line is that your body wants to heal the chronic problem and Prolotherapy just allows this to occur by getting the damaged tissue and the blood together. It is the ultimate networker.

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