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Let's Talk Antibiotics

Antibiotics are normally something you get from the pharmacy after the allopathic doctor (M.D., D.O.) writes a prescription. He recommends this treatment because he thinks you have some type of bacterial infection. This treatment is ineffective for viral infections. Viral infections like the common cold can predispose the patient to secondary bacterial infections by weakening the body and by plugging the system with mucus and exudates that bacteria feed on. In fact, it has been postulated that a common cold should last no longer than 3 or 4 days, but it is often drawn out much longer because of a repeated cycle of virus growth and decline alternating with bacteria growth and decline. This explains why the doctor will sometimes prescribe an antibiotic for a prolonged "common cold".

Since antibiotics, that is, anti-bacterial agents (bug killers), can be helpful in knocking down that drawn-out respiratory infection, including a cold, let's talk about some non-prescription Antibiotics.

Let's use a four-star rating system with four stars as Dr. Young's best rating.

1. Camellia sinensis- high in polyphenols (bacteria hate this stuff) Four stars ****
2. Barberry bark- high alkaloid level (bad environment for bugs) Three stars ***
3. Garlic- penicillin like compound (self-explanatory) Three stars ***
4. Elemental silver- interferes with bug metabolism Three stars ***
5. Elemental zinc- same as above Three stars ***
6. Oil of oregano- also high alkaloid level Two stars **
7. Echinacea- similar to above Two stars **
8. Panax Ginseng Two stars **
9. Althea officinalis Two stars **
10. Ocimum officinalis One star *
11. Rosmarinus officinalis One star *
12. Sodium chloride (as long as you can make contact with bug) Four stars ****

The most effective use of these botanicals would be in some type of combination.

Care must be exercised to avoid intestinal irritation by eating and drinking lots of water when taking these antibiotics just as with prescription antibiotics.

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