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New Strengthening Exercises III

Shoulder Breakthrough

This exercise has been so effective for shoulder problems that it has been nicknamed the "breakthrough exercise". The name has a dual meaning since it also signifies that the exerciser is breaking through the tough adhesions that the shoulder capsule is susceptible to. If you have had shoulder pain while putting on your coat or reaching up for something this exercise will be especially helpful.

The exerciser lies on his back on the bed or floor. He then puts his hands together behind his buttocks with the palms toward the bed or floor. The hands can be side by side, or, to make the exercise a little more strenuous, they can overlap with one on top of the other. The exerciser pulls the hands upward along the spine to his tolerance until the effected shoulder has mild to moderate discomfort. He then waits until either the discomfort subsides or 5 minutes passes. If after 5 minutes the discomfort remains the exercise is completed. If the discomfort subsides the exerciser slides his hands up the spine until the original discomfort is reproduced, then he repeats the waiting process as described above. After 5 minutes of this the exercise is completed. The exercise should be repeated to a total of 3 times per day. The shoulder problem may require the additional use of the follow-up exercise called Shoulder Breakthrough Rocking. Look for this description in our next email letter.

Shoulder Breakthrough Rocking

This exercise should be preceded by the Shoulder Breakthrough exercise. The exerciser performs this exercise before moving directly to the rocking component given here, but the exerciser should not begin the rocking component until the shoulder breakthrough exercise can be performed with only milder pain. This could require a few days or weeks.

Beginning in the same position as the shoulder breakthrough the exerciser bends both knees and plants his feet flat on the floor. The hands are placed behind the back or buttocks as in the shoulder breakthrough exercise. Next, the exerciser begins "rocking" his torso from right to left toward the side of the painful shoulder, in this case, the left shoulder. The legs provide most of the force for this rocking motion. He starts the rocking very minimally and, as the pain level tolerates, proceeds to larger movements as though he were turning onto his left side. The exerciser rocks a total of 30 times. The exercise should be repeated to a total of 3 times per day done immediately after the shoulder breakthrough exercise.
The information contained herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical condition.

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